Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Party- preschool style

I love party days at preschool.  I mostly show up and the fun is all ready for me. The parents bring the treats.  Lou's class was partying too, so I sent in flavored jell-o popcorn for his treat to share.  It's a recipe I found via Pinterest at Dinner With Julie.   It will give you a cavity pretty much on contact.  There's a good bot of sugar in it!  It's worth the dentist bill for the occasional making of this yummy treat.

Our class gets to play games in the hallways for about 25 minutes or so.  I didn't come up with any of these ideas, or even help set them up.  I'm taking 0 credit, just wanted to share some of these super cute ideas.

Each class rotates through these three stations;  games in the hall, outside play- sidewalk chalk,  big room play (It's our enrichment room with all the toys, etc) and the craft is there.  

A parent helps out at each little game.  Most all the parents come on party day.

Candy dig:  There are blind folds for their eyes and little candies hidden under the Easter grass.

Flower toss:  larger pom poms get thrown at these flowers,

trying to get them to land in the flowers centers.

Cross Toss:  purple Easter eggs get thrown at paper cups.

Purple paper is rolled and inserted in some cups to make a cross.  The kids try to get the eggs in the purple cups.

Jelly bean toss:  Jelly beans are tossed into the red tub.  The beans they toss are the dirty ones, they can eat one from the 'clean' bucket afterward.

The red tub has some jelly belly ice/candy molds inside.  I'm not sure where these are from, but ice-cube trays could be used too.

Frog Leap:  The kiddos toss stuffed toy frogs at the lilly pads trying to get them to land on the pads.

Cross walk:  like a cake walk, the kids walked around in a circle on the crosses to the music. 

When the music is stopped, the child on the cross with this months bible verse, says the verse and gets a sticker.

After our three rotations, we head back to the classroom for prayers and treats!

Before all that moving around the school fun, we did have a short circle time.  Some parents come for this part, others run home to fix their hair and then come back for the party part.

I read this book, The Miracle of Easter and used the resurrection eggs.  I used this same material with the kids a few days earlier, but party day is a review of the Easter story. We like to tell is in front of the parents because they may not know the story, may not know it well, or even know exactly what to say to their child about it.  This year my class is mostly all churched families, but that's not always the case.

Last year, I used a bingo sheet to retell (had the kids do most of the re-telling) the story.

The friends are older this year, so I used the same pictures, but cut them apart.  I gave them each an envelope with the pictures inside and the story on the outside (so they could retell it at home).  They all also got a blue sheet with boxes numbered 1-12.

I told them a number (in order) and a picture to find.  They were able to do the retelling using the pictures (like the items in the eggs).   

Here was our craft, a stained glass cross.  Lou kept to his favorite colors, black and orange.

I love party days.  I love enjoying all the treats that the parents bring in.  I get twice the treats since I go down to Lou's room at some point and visit!  Party snacks may be my favorite food group!


Jennifer said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing the details of the games...I'll have to refer back to this post in the future...would love to use some of these ideas!

Laura said...

Thanks for the ideas! I am planning on using a couple of these ideas for our Easter Sunday School. Your party seemed like a lot of fun. :)