Monday, February 20, 2017

winter time

Just going through pictures and collected some random winter photos.

Dinner in front of the fire.  

Family game night. 

Our only bit of winter weather. 

Lou started playing the recorder.  Good times with hot cross buns. 

Bee did a lot of art. 

Lou and daddy playing chess. 

Lou won the Col 3:23 award at school. (back down right)

Bee won top scholar award for science.  (front row, maroon pants)

Lou having a little fun with fraction pizza at school. 

We all passed around strep, a cold, and strep again.    Happy winter.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The leg, the final chapter

 After four full months of dealing with the leg- we've graduated out of physical therapy!  
(that leg part 1, part 2, part 3)

One day he said, I think I can do everything Jon asks me to do today.  And he did.  

And then he chose to take the stairs at church. 

And then they let him graduate.  The shirt is diploma.  

Congratulations buddy.  They didn't give us enough shirts though, we all earned that shirt! 

We got to return the wheel chair.  This happy occasion called for a selfie.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I'm going through old posts and look, here's a precious one that never got finished.  

My sweet baby nephew... eat him up... oh my word...

This is from before Christmas... He's a big old 6 month old now.  

My mom and her hubby drove in from Kansas (to northernish Indiana) and I drove up a few hours (from southern Indiana) to be there for nephew's baptism. 

Look at these two stylish kids.  

Here's the sweet family. Happy baptism day!  This is the beautiful church where they were married.  

This is the baptism gown that Bee wore, I wore, and my sister wore.  There were several family gowns between my sister and her hubby to choose from, but nephew is the first of hopefully many babies, so there'll be others to wear the other gowns.  

Friday, February 17, 2017

daddy daughter and a sleepy mama

Bee and sweet hubby went to the daddy daughter dance again.  First, they went to Five Guys for dinner.  Bee chose it, but I think she chose for daddy.  They decided to go to dinner before getting dressed.  Good call.  

There was hair and makeup and a last minute new necklace, and an even more last minute slip constructed out of scrap fabric. Lou had to point out that her dress was sheer.  All to go with the new dress and shoes.   More about Bee's necklace here. 

Last year Lou and I went out too, but I am pretty under the weather this year and we decided that ordering pizza and a movie on iTunes might be a good choice.  I might be dozing in and out... I can't follow the Trolls movie, so I must have missed bits and pieces.  

Daddy sent her flowers at school- he's a sweet guy!

The movie is over and Lou is stalling bedtime.  Oh, these two are going to dance the night away.  Lou is going to watch as much TV as I'll let him and I'm going to nap on the couch.  


Bee and I repurposed some leather and made a bunch of jewelry from some scraps I salvaged months ago.  The art room was cleaning out their closets and giving away excess.  I grabbed up a whole box of leather samples.  They were on a big ring like a collection of swatches.  


Bee made several tassels.  (That'a my favorite bag/purse- it's from Karma- oh my, check out all the goodies here.)

I made earrings... so many pairs of earring. 

We didn't have any actual supplies on hand to make earring so we just took apart old earrings that were going unworn.  We parted them out and made new. 

Then we ventured into necklaces. 

We have had friends ask about them, like wanting their own- Bee and I may make up more and list them in one of our easy shops.    

Bee had a special request for a necklace to wear to the daddy daughter dance.  She wanted to wear brown sandals with a black and white dress to the dance and we decided that the only way to make it work was going to be to wear another piece of brown leather.  

I think it worked!  Check out those awesome gladiator boots.  She has amazing fashion taste. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

cursive rubric

As I focus this year on streamlining things at school, making things more efficient and increasing productivity- both mine and the kids, I knew I needed to do something about grading penmanship.  It's the bane of my existence.  

It's my first big time saver of the semester!  I made a rubric for grading cursive penmanship. Previously I either did a good, detailed (i.e. time consuming) job of grading it or I did a fast job with no feedback. I think this blends the two. Hopefully this helps me be consistent, specific and efficient. I've graded two weeks of penmanship with it so far, and after a few tweaks- I'm loving it! 

Want a copy?  Click Here

I assume no one wants this exact one... who else has this crazy grading scale?  Geesh!  Here's an editable on... save a copy to your drive and then edit away!    editable copy- Click here

wax museum- again

Another year of wax museum.  It's always so much work- but so much fun.   Here's my awesome third grade team.  Love these ladies! 

I've written about it here in 2015,  here in 2014,   here in 2012 and here in 2011  there's more info there about specifics.   (We did it in 2013... not sure if I didn't write about it- seems unlikely.)

Here's my costume winner- she's the tree from Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. 

Flat Stanley of course. 

Two of us Webs.

This is a kiddo from a different class- He's Stanley Yelnats from Holes.  It was my favorite! 

My Lou was Don Larson.  I learned a lot about Mr. Larson through this project. Lou was trying to hide the casted leg... I think we still see it! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

the leg- part 3

We are so tired.  So tired of dealing with this leg.  After 2 weeks in first the temporary splint and no school and then 7 weeks in the long leg cast and wheelchair we finally got to rid our selves of the full cast! 

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we headed in to get it off. 

Some of us were more excited than others! 

We thought we were prepared for the day, but it ended up being pretty dramatic for Lou- still sore and mostly scared.  Traumatic might be the better word.  He is holding my hand over his eyes here. 

A very sweet and patient lady spent a whole lot of time with us removing the cast.  it was not as quick as the videos we prewatched online.  

With it off, we were surprised to find a very hairy man leg.  It was scaled and the skin was ready to be flicked off.  Also, we discovered that he had developed a heel pressure sore.  It was pretty bloody put they assure us it would heal up quickly. 

They sent us to therapy to learn how to take care of out new set up and begin the real work. 

With some struggle he learned to do things differently and everyday getting a little stronger.  Honestly, the healing process was slower than we expected. SLOWER.  And full of more, continued, and new struggles.  At least we know there is an endpoint.  This will end.  I won't have to help him dress and go to the bathroom and get in and out of the car and dear hubby won't have to go get him between every class and take him to the next class. 

And then, just like as your little people grow up and learn to do new things and become more independent, he did too.  Instead of me putting his pants on him entirely, like a doll, I could get them up the knee and he could finish.  Instead of us having to follow him into the van and lift his leg into the van seat, we just helped him get into the van and he lifted himself up into the back seat.  It was almost so subtle, this progress, that you don't notice it.  

He wheeled himself around school, with the help of some good buddies and daddy.  Thankfully we all spend our days in the same building.  

Then we got to begin learning the crutches.  Bee was helpful in demonstrating. 

And our days at physical therapy continued.  This day on the bike was an attempt, a flop... a challenge for another day.  The sore on his heel got yucky, got yellow and green sore and I cried.  He cried. It felt like such a set back.  But as with everything else, it's healing and we're moving on. 

Under his physical therapist's instruction, one day, we lost the wheelchair.  He went all crutches.  Stamina needed to be built for sure.  The crutches again brought more independence and new challenges.  

His hands are calloused but his arms are getting stronger.  We're hoping that means for strong baseball arms this spring.  He's worn out at the end of the day.  We are all still worn out at the end of the day but the progress is noticeable.  We have to really push him- he would settle for staying the way things are.  Not his mama and daddy! 

People keep asking how much longer. The truth is we don't know and we haven't asked.  It doesn't matter.  I think we've realized that there really isn't a final day.  We don't have an end point on the boot- the boot doesn't matter.  Even once it's gone  things will so slowly get better and surely one day we will be sitting at a baseball game and realize he's running around the bases.