Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a few leaf - fall preschool ideas

My co-teacher taught on leaf day and she had several really neat things I asked her if I could share.  

First, our craft for the day was a new one for us. I love it.  I think it's just so sweet and a nice fall piece to hang up at home.  

The kids hands were painted with reds, oranges, and greens.  They rubbed their hands together and then stamped them. They turned out so sweet. 

We use a white flat sheet as a  parachute in the classroom.  We bounce around all kinds of things.  Here we are bouncing (silk) fall leaves.

We sang:  (to the tune of London bridges)  

Autumn Leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.  Autumn leaves are falling down, red, yellow, orange and brown.   Then we shook it hard and the leaves went everywhere.  The kids love to clean up after this, so it works out great.

Another song we snag was with these paper leaves.  Each child got an orange, a yellow, a brown, and a red.  We held two at a time in the air and sang:  (to the tune of wheels on the bus)

The leaves on the tree are red and brown, red and brown, red and brown.  The leaves on the trees are red and brown., all around the town.  

Other verses can the added like more color combinations, the leaves could wiggle and fall or they could float in the air.

Here are a few things on the tables this week:

This is tonging activity.  The yellow plastic acorns as from target.  They are advertised as table scatter.

This is from last year.  They are just cards I made up with fall words.  

Here's the sensory table for the first part of fall. 

We also were talking about forest animals this week in the younger class, so I brought in some plastic forest animals.  Apparently, we are a little sparse on the forest animals. 

Also, we set out this real leaf matching game.  I went on a walk last weekend with my mom and sister and picked up all sorts of leaves.  I pressed them for a few days and then laminated them.  There are two of each for some matching potential.  

I brought these fun toys from home.  I loved this set, but Lou and Bee hardly ever play with them.  I gave them to the kids for last Christmas, and was bummed out when they were indifferent to them. 

My job share partner set out this forest foot prints booklet.  She made it and used animal pictures, their foot prints and their name. 

We have a little friend that likes to count acorns.  He will really like this activity.  

Here's another one from two years ago.  This leaf matching activity is from  File Folder  Fun.

Here are a few things from last year or the year before.

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Library Lady said...

Such great ideas! I'm always looking for new things to spruce up my programs in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

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