Sunday, December 20, 2009

pretzel wreath

My aunt sent me some pictures of these cute wreaths made from pretzels and white chocolate that she's been making up for many years. They were the perfect project to keep a couple of girls happily entertained for an hour or so and a fun gift that Bee passed out at school during her Christmas party.
Each wreath took 12 pretzels. One bag of white chocolate made 12-13 wreaths, depending on how much taste testing you do. Since I was having little people help me, I drew a pattern for them to follow on paper and put it under the plastic wrap. Also since I was working with little people, I put everything they would need out in bowls ready to go. (this photo was taken just before the chocolate was melted)

Bee had a few friends over, so they became my elves and I put them to work.

6 pretzels are dipped in melted white chocolate then laid out in the bottom row, another 6 are dipped and laid on top. A twizzler pull and peel is tied in a bow and added. The girls also sprinkled some Christmas sprinkles on the wreath before it dried.

We just put them in zip lock bags, but here's the picture my aunt sent of her finished wreaths.

I thought they turned out really cute and of course they tasted wonderful! Anything dipped in chocolate is yummy though.


grandma said...

The Christmas sprinkles are a nice addition. My wreaths with green sugar were a hit at the party that I gave them to everyone. I know several will be made next year. It was a good idea to put the pattern under the plastic for your elves.

Carole Davids said...

These were soo yummy and super cute! Emma had a great time making these with you! She wasnt sure you would like us copying your craft, I told her I was pretty sure you wouldnt mind! And you are right, anything dipped in chocolate is yummy!

Kelly said...

super yummy! I'd like these as a teacher gift.

Anonymous said...

They look awesome!

Love Always,


Unknown said...

These look great - I started making these in high school and they were a hit!