Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, we surprised sweet hubby with tickets to an event that I knew he'd love.  He was totally surprised when we told him he'd be playing with baby tigers at an event called 'baby tiger playtime'!  He's a big-cat fan.  

We traveld to a place called Wildlife In Need.  It's in Charleston, IN.  It's north of Louisville, almost towards Cincinnati.  It's a little on the pricey side, but it's a fundraiser and it's a unique experience for sure.  

First we got to play with a Capuchin Monkey.  They had a few babies, this is Harryanna.  She promptly stole Bee's glasses. 

She liked Lou too.  She stole his sunglasses.  Oh man, she was a cuddler. 

Her sister later sat oh Bee's head.  

So once you're in the playtime room, you sit on the floor.  You can sit, lay, crawl, whatever, as long as you stay low.  They first brought out some of the other baby animals, wolf cubs, boar, red fox, and some others.  They let them walk around and play while they talked about them.  

Then they brought out the tigers!  They got their bottles and then they were ready to play!  They moved so fast, but I think there were six in the room, and about 25 of us guests. 

For about 45 minutes, they just walked (or ran) around the room. They'd get distracted and stop and play with a toy for a minute, chase their tail, pounce on their friend, lay down for a belly rub, and just do baby tiger things.

Hubby clearly enjoyed himself! 

Lou's back was favorite perch for several different babies. 

The more animated and lively you were, they more you attracted them.  So, the kids were not without a tiger very long.  This white guy was our favorite. 

We are super glad we got a chance to experience this!  This was one of those things where I thought about it for days and went back and forth... it's too expensive, it's too far to drive, it would take most of a whole day on the weekend... In the end I decided those were all excuses and we need to make sure we're giving the kids experiences with us that they'll remember.  I don't think it's my job to necessarily entertain them all the time and make every day is a party, but I do want them to look back and remember that their childhood was pretty fun.  I think tigers fit the bill perfectly.  

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