Monday, March 26, 2018

wax museum- plan your own!

This year's Wax Museum was as fun as ever.  My team decided to go as characters from Matilda.  I was Headmaster Trunchbull.  

The Trunch is a meanie.  My students thought it was hilarious.    Becuase seriously, I'm the third nicest person they know.  I'm always telling them that... I don't know who the first two are, but I'm probably third 

One of our teammates was on outside morning duty- she missed out on a few pics!  Here's Matilda's mom- Mrs. Wormwood, me as the Trunch, and Miss Honey.  

Third-grade teachers rock!

And here's Matilda joining us for a group picture.  

This was my last year to have one of my own kids involved in Wax Museum.  Here's Lou, my fifth grader, as a character from the early 1900s. 

Lou won best costume!  Finally!  I've been handmaking Lou and Bee's costumes for years and we finally brought home some hardware!  Lou is wearing a pair of his own shorts, a women's striped shirt (don't tell him it's a ladies shirt!), hat, and black shoes from the thrift store.  We borrowed suspenders from a Miley Cirus costume from a friend (again, shh...) and black soccer socks from his sister.  

He's come a long way in willingness to wear costumes.  

Wanna see other years?  Here's 2011, 20122015,  2016, 2017

Our School's Wax Museum is a highlight of the year!  
So much hard work goes into it, but the product is super impressive.  

Inside you will find everything you need to organize your own classroom or even school-wide wax museum.   There are lots of pictures and even more teacher notes.   

Teachers Notes
Project Description
Other Ideas
Sample Speeches
Research Planner for Students
Parent/Studnet Information Sheet

 Here's the overall assignment for the kiddos: You will read a fiction book, then write and present a report about the author from a main character’s perspective. You will present their report in first person, as if you are the character, speaking about the author who created you –like you are a part of a Living Wax Museum.  

Here are a few favorites from this year.