I'm loving canning right now.  Maybe it's trapping myself in the kitchen for hours at a time, maybe it's getting to cut into all the fresh produce, perhaps its just being connected to history.  I'm canning with the jars and equipment my husbands parents and grandparents used.  I'm using produce from my garden, that of my neighbors and friends, and other produce grown locally from farmers I've gotten to know at the farmers market.  It's all produce grown with hard work and some extra love. It's fresh and it's delicious.  I'm putting food up in the same manner, using the same recipes that women for years have used; women that had to put food up to feed their families when they could harvest from their own gardens.   Thankfully, I can for enjoyment, not pure necessity.  I want others to see that canning is fun, canning is not hard, and canning is so rewarding.

green beans
canned tomatoes
strawberry Jam
tomato juice
dill pickles
bread and butter pickles
sweet relish
freezer orange marmalade
apple butter (and here)
pasta sauce
dried beans
chicken broth 

Others, no specific recipes listed
blueberry jam

pancakes in a jar
taco seasoning in a jar

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My favorite little canning jars

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