Wednesday, November 27, 2013

surprise horses


This is about a month old, but I knew it would be Thanksgiving break before I got back here. 

We surprised the kids with a little horse back riding fun.  Bee and Lou love horses and after many many conversations about it, they seem to understand that one will not fit in our back yard.  We planned to go u the amusement park and took a late turn and ended up here... They were a little freaked out when I jumped out of the car and insisted we all go see the horses.  They still didn't get it when the girl said, "come on, you can ride Eagle."

Sunday, November 3, 2013


 This years Halloween got to be two days! Storms pushed a few events around on the calendar allowing us to enjoy more things.   Lucky us!  

We found this karate costume at a garage sale at least a year ago and Lou has worn it a lot since. I was glad when he wanted to wear it for Halloween.

The pictures are not great!  Honestly, I was hurrying us out the door to an event at church,  I may have snapped at everyone... I can't remember though.   Lou was also frustrated with me that I couldn't get his kick in the photo.  

When I finally got it, Bee was frustrated that she had to keep standing there.

Bee wanted to be a rockstar and we had the perfect dress that was a fun hand-me-down from a friend.  I think this friend wore it as an everyday dress.  Daddy was her roadie!

She got to pick out new earrings since she was wearing an outfit we already owned.  This was really just my way of making sure she didn't change her mind about the costume at the last minute.   This is the first of many pairs of dangly earrings I'm sure!  She's been pierced about 2 months, just in time to take out the studs and insert rock star accessories.

This was Tippy's first Halloween with us and got included too.  He didn't love it. I think he's eyeing me suspiciously in this photo.   He was needed for my costume though.  We walked him around the neighborhood briefly and then took him home.  He was overwhelmed to say the least.   I just traced a dog vest I made him last winter and added iron on vinyl cut with the silhouette.    It' nice to know that it will iron on to fleece as I wasn't sure.

I was Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus books. I've been planning my costume since last year when I was Pipi. I start thinking a year out!  I love Halloween for it's excuse for a costume!  I bought a purple button up and purple belt and blue t-shirt at the mission store and sewed on a blue skirt that I cut from the bottom of a blue knit dress that always fit oddly.  The shoes were a student gift last year!  They knew me well!  I added felt bugs and have fly earring on.   I just glued plastic flies to a pair of green earrings.   Bee let me borrow her lizard stuffed animal for Liz the lizard who is perched on my shoulder.  I spent about two hours on it over the course of two evenings.  The grading I didn't do is still on my coffee table!  I will wear it on book character day at school so I thought it was worth the time.  Plus, I just needed to do something I enjoy.  That's totally gotten pushed to the back burner this year! 

I has several people come up and ask who I was but many came up and excitedly said, "I know who you are!"  Several teenage boys asked me in the neighborhood who I was and when I said who, one of them said. "Dude, I told you... pay up!  Two snickers bars and two M&Ms!, Boohyeah!"   So they had bet candy on who I was!  Funny stuff.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

on to the next thing

Like 2 posts ago, I wrote about soccer season just getting started... now it all over.  That's how things are going for us right now.... time is flying by!

That cute green number 9 is mine.

I started the season helping with coaching.  As the boys got more independent and I got busier, we were able to go down to two coaches.

Soccer season starts out hot and ends cold  It's a funny season but was always my favorite.

As I write this, Lou and daddy are at basketball tryouts.  We're on the next thing!
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