Sunday, July 23, 2017

Meet the guinea pigs

Bee turned 12!  All she wanted for her birthday was guinea pigs!  And a phone.  But mostly pigs.  

She was dreaming about guinea pigs, reading books about them, even crafting guinea pigs. 

I mentioned on facebook that we were considering getting guinea pigs and many friends chimed in that they make great pets for kids.  A former student's family offered their girls up to us.  Maybe that should have been a red flag?

Meet Heidi. 

Meet Pepper (Jack)

The girls are much loved already. 

 The cats seem ok with them. After an initial meeting, Ellis doesn't seem to care at all. 

Chloe likes to watch them in interest.  I'm sure she is thinking kind thoughts about them while they are eating their breakfast.  She doesn't generally have much interest either. 

Tippy has a weird relationship with them.  He loves them.  He guards them and watches them.  He cries when they chirp and make their sweet little noises.  He comes and gets us when they sing for their breakfast. One of the pigs sometimes runs around her cage when Bee is trying to gather her up and she makes some noise; Tippy seems alarmed for the pig's safety. 

Even daddy seems to like them.  Actually, he especially like them!

These girls are a bonded pair and have been together since last summer. Peppers's mate passed away last spring and she was rally depressed.  Our friends got Heidi as a baby to be her new buddy.  They girls are besties for sure. 


Here's Tippy giving them kisses- he always greets them when they're out.  He's a weirdo.  (no sound needed- it's just my silly voice)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Christmas- clearly out of order

I was strolling through my blog drafts and found this.  Clearly out of order.  Here's Christmas.  It's July.  

Forgot that this was back in the days of crutches.   Don't miss those days a bit!

This was our first Christmas in our new home.  

I found these adorable ornaments for the kids this year.  The boy has a broken leg and the girl has a broken arm.  Some day we'll laugh about it, right?

My mom and her hubby helped us explore the woods by our house. 

We went to one of my favorite places- the escape room!  I took a strong team of good problem solvers and we made it out! 

Seriously, the most fun ever!

My Dad gave the kids each a special knife at Thanksgiving.  This one came out when it was time to open boxes.  I got a little sentimental as this was my grandpa's knife.  He always carried it with him and it always came out when we needed it.  It's been a few years since I'd seen it, but it brought back happy memories of my grandpa. 

We got to spend time this Christmas with this cute boy.  


We spent a bit of Christmas break hanging out at the card shop.  

and making cookies. 

And enjoying some new goodies. 

We called this the Addison Russel Christmas.  Lou got several Addison Russel and Cubs things.  That's his favorite player.  I follow him on Instagram and I feel like we are friends now. Hey Addison!

We played Watch Ya' Mouth.  

We played some Pie Face.  Who didn't play Pie Face this Christmas?

I was thrilled to get to host Christmas this year.  These are some of my favorite people and our homes are super spread out now- our moments all together are rare.  

road trip

This past weekend we road-tripped to visit family.  950 miles in 4 days.  Hubby is pretty busy at work and couldn't take off, but they kids and I are used to road trips with just the three of us, so it was cool.  First stop was my sister's house. 

A few miles from her farm, I stopped to pick her some wild flowers.  Bee took this picture of me and sent it to her daddy saying, "Look what mom did, so much embarrassment!"  That's my job right.  

The nephew is getting so big. He and Lou are buddies. 

The dogs chased Bee's feet as she swung. This swing is her favorite spot on the farm and probably has been other little people's favorite spot over the years too. 

We grabbed us my sister and nephew and my mom and her hubby and the next day headed to Michigan.  Little G still needs schooled in the art of selfies. 

My brother's sweet wife was being ordained as a pastor and we wanted to be there to celebrate with her.  

She's a book lover too.  Those are the best kind of people.  I don't know where she got her shirt, but I made mine using my silhouette cameo, which I am still very much in love with. 

The nephew loves Lou!  

Bee and my sister were accidentally twins.  Bee did not like when we said we were posting it online with the hashtag #twinning.  She's too cool for school some days. 

Here's my brother and his sweet wife, the new pastor. 

She wore one of the stoles I made her two Christmases ago.  Not sure if she planned it that way or not, but it was fun to see one of my projects in use.  

Here are the others- it looks like I never blogged about them.  

Then we got to really celebrate. 

My sis and Little G.  A baby in a bow tie.  Love it- the only thing cuter is a baby in pajamas.  

My mom at the photo-booth with the #Kellynailedit sign.  My sister in law requested a photo-booth.  No problem, I love a good photo-booth.  Then she said she wanted a reformation themed photo booth.  After a little bit of googling, I was caught up and my sister and I were ready to pull something together (basically this year is the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther declaring the separation of the new church from the Catholic Church and he nailed this document to the door of the church).  Thank goodness teachers are hoarders- we were able to piece it together.  Don't look too closely, that's the bill of rights stuck on the door. 

We set up a hashtag for her booth and encouraged her friends to share on social media and tag it.  I was worried that some of the crew wouldn't get it, but they all did it and they loved it!  They seemed to have fun with it and did lots of sharing and tagging!  #Awesome

The food was pretty amazing.  My sister in law works with refugees.  She asked one of the Afghanistan refugee families she has worked with to cook for us.  Here's the sweet mama so cooked and cooked and exposed many of us to our first taste of Afghani food. 

My sister and I googled recipes afterwards at the hotel in hopes of recreating a few of the dishes.  This rice dish with carrots and raisins was a favorite.  

It was so good to see old friends and to make a few new ones. 

The next day we headed home.    Here we are at the start of the last leg of the trip. All smiles.

And six hours later.  Worn out but glad to be home!