Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the bathroom is done-ish

Our house is a project house. Fun times. Several immediate, but not fun projects were completed right away, stuff like leaky toilets, clogged pipes, and general cleaning and replacing light bulbs. I also got started on the guest bath right away, and just now got is done-ish. I say ish because it still needs new flooring and I'd love some trim at the ceiling, but those things will wait.

I remove this big cabinet. It wasn't bad, just big and not really necessary.

There is the old wall paper, which was the real hold up in the bathroom remake. It seemed like it was going to be easy to remove, but ended up being more or a challenge. I have not come up with a cover to pretty up these light yet either, but with fresh paint and a new look, I don't even notice them anymore. I didn't get a picture of the shower curtain that was there when we moved in, but it was the first thing to come down. It was dark and heavy and matched the border in the wallpaper. nice.

I removed wall-paper, painted with some leftover paint from the basement. This is the same color as the kitchen. I changed out the towel racks, toilet paper holder, and added several hooks for the kids robes and fun towels. These towels aren't the pretty ones I would like on display, but these are the kids towels.

There is a window in the bath tub area. I took down the blinds and added a clear curtain made of a shower curtain. It lets the light in but still lets someone shower in there without soaking the wooden window. I'm enjoying the fresh new look of the bathroom and am ready to start on the next project- Bee's room. There will be pink and glitter involved!


Anonymous said...

Very nice re-do. Ty Pennington needs you on his crew.

Love Always,


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

this is amazing! We need some help redoing our bathroom... are you available?

01 09 10