Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Suessical the Musical

Spring means time for the middle school musical. 

Which meant my guest room looked like this.

It always upsets my sewing machine a little. 

But it always comes together. Everybody ends up dressed and ready to go.   So many pictures.  So so many.  



Welcome old friend!

Green grass and warm weather... welcome back.  

Both kids are glasses wearers now.  Lou has joined the glasses team!

My sweet team of teachers won the camping themed dress up and room decorating contest at school for the Spring book fair.  We rock!

Bee is running track again. 

She likes the sprints.  

Lou and daddy are back to playing baseball.  

Bee is a soccer referee for the school. 

Sister has a job!  That's her time card she's signing in on.  And there's our new under construction high school in the background!  It opens in the fall.  

Busy spring. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bible journaling

So I've recently gotten into Bible journaling.  Bee and I have been spending lots of evenings together playing with our watercolor pencils and new journaling Bibles.  I'm using lots of inspiration from what I see online but trying to add my own twist to it.  Here's what I've been playing with.  

So, I've decided I like using my black pen and the water color pencils.  Lettering is where I need the most practice and need to slow down.  I'm learning as I go.  

Want to see some more?  I've got a tog over to the right called bible journaling.  I have a few posts with pictures of my stuff. 

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