Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lion King!

This poor post is so long overdue.  Four months late, but here are costumes from our Spring Middle School musical.   Let's pretend it's March.   In that case, next week is Spring Break! 

54 costumes ready to go!  It's Lion King Jr. time!  

These kids practiced so hard!   This was the day I finally got to get costumes on people and start altering.  The kids were so excited many just wanted to keep them on! 

Dress Rehearsal- starting off with a prayer.  

The makeup crew hard at work.  

I love when all the pieces come together.  Makeup and costume make things finally seem real for the kids.

Hyenas- these grey vests started out as lost boys outfits from Peter Pan then were adapted into Seussical costumes, and now came out for their third and final time.  I really roughed them up, added swatches of fur and black paint.  I also bought the 'fur' at the thrift store.  I really felt like I had to explain my recent purchases.  I've actually gotten to know some of the people there and they love to see my after photos. 

Mufasa-  We bough lion robes from Target and I sewed them up, took off sleeves,  took in the hoods, added headbands inside to hold them in place, and turned the belt into a tail.  The cape and belt he's wearing were one Aladins magic carpet!  

Rafaki- I love everything about this. 

Scar-  The green was once the Grinches robe (Suessical)

Pumba, young Simba, Timon 
Pumba started out as a Chewbacca adult onesie from Target and Tomin was a bear adult onesie. 

Young Simba and Young Nala.  The lionesses wore pieces made form thrifted animal print items.  I went to the thrift store three times and bought ALL the animal print.  The bigger the size, the better!  

Zazu- the blue base started as a carebear adult onesie from Target.   The tights are from a seagull from Little Mermaid.  

Pumba, Simba, Nala

A parent volunteered to make this necklace.  It was on a rope first but the kids struggled to get it off and on as needed during the show.  I made a necklace with the strongest magnets from the classroom as the closure.  It worked beautifully.  

The chorus animals. 

Our building principals always make a cameo appearance.  They came out this time as hula dancers during Hakuna Matata.  

We don't get to get on stage until a few days before the show. Of what a difference it makes! 

So this might have been my favorite show to sew for- and I think it was the student's favorite too.  Believe me, Bee, Lou, and my third graders were singing the songs for weeks.  

One of our dads is a photographer and took lovely lovely photos for us dress rehearsal night.  We are so blessed that he comes to our shows and ballgames and school events.  This one is his- it's so sweet.   This was my favorite costume and make up, and she's one of my favorite kiddos too.   

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