Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The boat

Not much more than pictures today.  We spent some time on the Lake with my dad over Memorial Day.  Every time we visit a lake, hubby and I are reminded that we want a place on a lake.  Yep, someday. 


  I'm still wearing my beer hat!

Monday, May 28, 2012

photo booth- overload

Sorry about the picture overload you're about to be part of.  This weekend, we traveled to my youngest sister's graduation open house. She's off to college in the fall.  We set up a photo booth and had tons of fun.  Tons of fun.  I think we're going to set it up at Lou's birthday party and again at Bee's.  

Note:  that's my pretty graduate sister below in the sombrero and yellow top. She's in a bunch of the photos.   

Here's our set up.  We were in a wider hallway.  It's total DIY.  Props from our costume box at home, a couple coat racks, a tall mirror.  Pretty simple. 

Now for the previously mentioned overload:  (My peeps are the middle chunk of photos)

 Both of my sisters:

 That's my cute grandma in the pink shirt.  I think she had fun too. 

My sister and the boyfriend:

Me with a sister:

Brother and SIL:

The only photo booth photo of hubby:

Lou and my dad:

This little guy got his picture taken about 30 times. 

My stepmom and her friend:

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