Tuesday, February 19, 2013

dog days

I told you about our new dog.  The perfect dog for non dog people. He's great.  We have an issue though.  Of course we would.

He is lovely.  He hasn't had a single potty issue, he's great on a lease, he doesn't bark, he doesn't chew on things or get into things.  He seems to like the kids, he's tolerant to their laying on him, he wants to be with us, but is alright hanging out in the other room too.   He sleeps a lot.  He's just really nice.

Here's the  issue.  We were told that he's a black lab mix.  We knew full well that his past (apart from the month he was in the shelter and the two weeks in the foster home) was a mystery. He was an owner surrender, so they knew the story that someone gave, but it's basically not known.   All the paper work we saw, the online profile and the page hanging on his crate at the adoption event all said black lab mix. The mix part was the mystery.  So, as we've been walking him around the neighborhood, we've had two separate people mention something about him being a pit bull.  I didn't see it until they said it. Maybe that's the mix.  I'm pretty much not wanting a pit bull who has a mystery background.  It's scares me.  Now it's all I see.

So it's technically a mystery, but since googling pictures of both Labradors and pit bulls, I frankly feel stupid.  So do we just deal with it, be happy that he seems gentle or pursue it with the adoption group, tell them we feel tricked and insist they take him back?  That seems cold.  We really like him, I just don't want a dog that when people see him they cower their children behind them, or make up an excuse to not let their children come over to play.  I don't feel like I can defend a dog that I don't know to a friend's parent.  What if we go to board him at some point and they won't take him?  I don't think I feel right about sending him away.  The cats wouldn't mind, but I don't think I could do that to the dog, let alone the kids.  Should I mention, the big lug of a dog is sleeping next to me on the couch.  Maybe he just has a big head.  Darn dog.

Goodness, I don't usually come here to rant, but I did.  Geesh.


Sparkling said...

Well, it seems every time we turn around, another person has a pit bull/lab mix that they got from a shelter. And indeed, he does have pitbull ears. But as k-ster said to me one day, where are all these pit bulls running around free, impregnating labs all over creation? Labs who are also running free? It's true, this is probably not happening. Maybe it's that labs originally had similar stock to pit bulls and because pit bulls have been in the media, we are on high alert to what they look like. Labs can be mean too. Any dog can be! If he is gentle, that's all you need. He's a stray and needed a home and you're giving him one. You've heard that it's how they are raised, not what type they are. It's like kids. If you raise them properly, they behave. If you dont' see signs of aggression and everyone loves him, I think you need to keep him. We got a dog when I was in 3rd grade and had to give him away because my mother had no patience to deal with a hyper, large dog. It was very traumatizing to me and I regretted it for ever!!!

Sandy said...

If he is gentle with your kids, I see no reason why you should not keep him. We have friends that have 2 pit bulls and they are the most loving dogs I have ever seen -in fact, one of them is our little MaltiPoo's best friend and they have play dates and hang out together!

I agree with the first poster - it is all in how they are raised. If a dog is raised to be mean, it will be mean, no matter what breed it is.

Lisa W. said...

I agree with the above posts. If he is gentle and loving with your children, that is the kind of dog you need. If you do decide to keep him and after a couple of weeks, maybe have a dog party...invite neighbors over to meet him and then they can see that he is harmless. Regardless of what everyone will think, you need to do what is best for your family. I have a St. Bernard. And, I think it is commonly known that they are calm dogs, but so many people are scared of her. It is a tough call and I feel bad for you and this position. But, I would keep him.

Lindsey said...

Ahhh, what a bummer. I think you should keep him. Clearly, he's working out so far. Don't dig up trouble! :)

Devin Howard said...

Why would you get rid of him if you say he is a great dog? We adopted a lab pit mix and she is the sweetest dog we have ever owned! I would not worry about the pit mix at all, pit bulls can be really great dogs and are moderately trainable. People make pits mean and give them a bad reputation.

Devin Howard said...

My wife and I have a lab pit mix and she is the sweetest dog we have owned. She was a stray for a month when she was young, but latched onto us immediately and we didn't care what she was. Very trainable, friendly and great with people, and looks very similar to your male. Why would you not keep him if you say he is a great dog? I would not let the stereotype of other pits that are trained to be mean ruin your perception of him. Love him and keep him!

Beth- the mama bee said...

He stayed and has been perfect!

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