Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Assembly Line Project -ready to share

I've written about this favorite hands-on social studies project before, but I've finally sat down and put something together so others can easily put this project together too.  It's on my TPT store From The Hive.  I did this project with my second and third graders my first year teaching in 2002 and have done it most years since.   

After reading about production, Henry Ford, and assembly lines, students will participate in their own hands-on assembly line, and- get to enjoy a yummy treat! Then, they will reflect on the project with a differentiated written reflection.

*Prior to your assembly line, send home a note to parents (a sample letter is included). You don’t need everything I've listed, but several ingredients are best.

*In the days before the assembly line, read the informational text about production, assembly lines, and Henry Ford.  Use your social studies curriculum and/or the included informational text as needed.

*The day of:   line up several desks of same height or tables of the same height.  Make a bulletin board paper belt around the desks. Then, set up the fruit and supplies needed. I typically do this prep work while the kids are out of the room for a special.  I promise the prep work is going to be worth it!

When the students come back, I welcomed them to their first day on the job at the fruit salad factory.  I explain how the assembly line works and what the jobs are. I make sure each person gets a job. There is detailed information about the job types and roles included.

The following day students work through a written reflection activity.  There are two differentiated reflection sheets to choose from for your learners.

You can certainly put this activity together on your own.  But, if you're interested in my ready to go product, you can find it here.  It's engaging and memorable and your students are going to love it!  

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