Thursday, June 13, 2013

dog popsicles and other things the dog eats

Caution, the dog eats books.  That spider man book was a library book!  Do you know the markup on purchasing a damaged library book!  GEESH.

And the metal off the dog crate we thought we were going to use.

But he also eats popsicles.  Seriously spoiled dog. 

So after he eats a bone (the butcher shop gives me the best dog bones!) I put the bone in a silicone cupcake liner and add in some leftover chicken broth or juice from a roast or something doggy delicious. 

After I freeze them in a flat pan I can take them out and put them in a baggie to store in the freezer until it's a nice hot day and he hasn't eaten a book in awhile and deserves a treat. 

This picture of Bee and Tippy makes me giggle.  It looks like he's in a mug shot.

On a side note, we were excited to see if Tippy would swim with us when we
opened the pool for the summer.  He apparently does not like to swim.  DOES. NOT. LIKE. IT.  Good to know.

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