Saturday, June 1, 2013

He's 6

That little man of mine turned 6 yesterday!  Good grief.... Frankly I'm amazed we've had no stitches or broken bones up to this point.

We took a few of his buddies from school to the rock climbing place for his party.  I've never had a party someplace other than the house, but it was nice!  He's had a baseball party, a pirate party, a monster truck party, a camping party, a pool party, and now this rock climbing party.

At our particular place, they have you watch a short video with the instructions and then they run you through a short 'skills test' out on the wall.  Then your free to climb. 

There's Bee, she loves to climb too.

They have a 'party room' but it's the same room they show the video in.  We snuck in very briefly for brownies (no cake for Lou) and presents.

Our place requires a 1:3 ratio for adult belayers to kids.  We had a 1:1 so the kids were able to climb and climb!

 Here are the invites.  I cut out the black part with my silhouette.  It's an image I found through google images and edited a little.  It was a girl with a ponytail.  I fixed that right up though.

I also used that same image on some tags we attached to some cliff bars that we sent home with the guests.

We had water bottles for all the kiddos too.  I bought 1$ water bottles at target and covered the image on them with a vinyl circle.  Then I cut out everybody's name and added that to the bottles.  They worked out great. 

Speaking of presents, look what one friend showed up with. 

Hermit crabs!  Great gift for animal loving friends!  They were the givers of last year's best boy gift ever!

There was even one in there for Bee.  She named hers Olympia.

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