Sunday, October 6, 2013

MIA, except I'm not

I've been missing in blog land, except I haven't.  I have to maintain a class website and blog now, which has taken the place of any blogging going on over here.  It's here.   It's through, which is actually a really nice place to blog.

School is going well.  I basically love it.  I do.  But, some days I want to get in the car after school and drive as far away as I can.  But I don't.  The dog needs let out and homework done and lunches packed for the next day and papers need graded and a few parents need emailed and a form filled out for the speech therapist and a letter set out about parent conferences.  Lou probably has to get to soccer.   Someone would probably find me and bring me home anyway, only to find that the laundry and dishes are even more behind.   That's just been a few days.  Most days, It's manageable and I don't want to run away.  More or less.

Here are random pictures.  A mix of school and my own kids, which is how life is anyway.

We spent two weeks reading Growing Up Where Jesus Lived (Abeka)  and then had a little tasting day where we dressed up in bible costumes (some in their bath robes) and tasted sheep cheese, olives and figs. 

Here's a little friend leading calendar.  I really like the program we use for calendar, Every Day Counts, Calendar Math.

Here are two of my sweet boys doing some reading outside.  One was a little nervous of chiggers biting him when we read outside, so he wanted to sit on the cement steps.  The other boy didn't want him to be alone and went to read by him. 

Here are my kids.  We're back at rock climbing each week.  They are offering a weekly 'camp' and Bee and Lou are both learning a lot of advanced skills.  I'm worried they are going to want to climb real rocks someday.  Our facility takes trips all over for 'real' climbing.  I'm not ready for that.  That little blue dot in the photo above is Bee.  That wall is her goal wall.  She can't get up over that slant.  A few of the other kids can, but she just can't get it yet.

This was me the other day, stuck on a log.  I could see my house, I was almost home.  The neighbors were having a tree cut down.  There was this chunk in the road and I thought I could make it. I got stuck.  Four tree men quickly swooped in and saved the day.  As soon as I pulled away, I'm sure they had a good laugh about the stupid woman driver.  I think the barefoot man is the homeowner.  I'm pretty sure he nodded for me to go ahead and drive over the log.  He probably wanted to see if I was dumb enough to do it.  I texted this photo to my sister and said that I had run over a man.  She didn't buy it.

Bee and Lou are learning to grade papers.  Don't tell my students!  They take payment in chocolate chips.  It's a good deal all around.

We had some Japanese exchange students come an teach the third graders to make origami cranes.  Here's Bee and a few of my students showing off their cranes.  When we went back to class, we read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and had a really great student guided conversation about how she put her faith in the wrong thing.  The kids were quick to pick on her religious differences.

During a health chapter on sun safety, we did some work with sun sensitive paper.

I forgot how neat the paper was.  The kids agreed.

My sister told me about a program (Pongsat) where you can send ping pong balls filled with your choice of item to a group in California, who will then, for free, send them up into the edge of space.  They send the ping pong balls back and you can check on the contents to see if the conditions of space changed them in anyway.   We sent up some gravel from a science project we had been doing. We are still awaiting their return.

My kiddos have been bringing all sorts of critters to school.  Here's a skink.  

He's really pretty  cool, sort of a snake with legs. His favorite spot is behind your hair.

And a rabbit came. His name is Romeo.

And some bearded  dragons...

They are just babies.  I can't keep a class pet since my room is happily shared many evening each week by other groups.  I believe divorce care meets in there one evening and perhaps boy scouts another night.  Sunday school is there on Sunday morning.  I'm trying to be really flexible about it.

That looks like all the photos I have in my sitting in my open file.  If I haven't shared any of Lou's soccer pictures, I'll get those posted soon too.  It may be a month.  Who knows.

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Sparkling said...

It is sooooo funny that you just posted today because I was thinking of you and your absence when I was thinking of something crafty. I too am living a different life this year and haven't wrapped my head around it yet. But I seem to have more free time than ever so I spend that free time wondering what it is that I supposed to be doing! I have much less grading to do with the younger kids and I get out earlier so I am footloose and fancyfree. Something I don't know how to be! I figured the different position had sommething to do with your disappearing act!

Oh, and having spent k-8th grade in a Christian school, I vividly remember wearing bathrobes to reenact all sorts of Bible stories. My sister actually make a costume of the burning bush, probably out of a bathrobe!!

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