Wednesday, November 27, 2013

surprise horses


This is about a month old, but I knew it would be Thanksgiving break before I got back here. 

We surprised the kids with a little horse back riding fun.  Bee and Lou love horses and after many many conversations about it, they seem to understand that one will not fit in our back yard.  We planned to go u the amusement park and took a late turn and ended up here... They were a little freaked out when I jumped out of the car and insisted we all go see the horses.  They still didn't get it when the girl said, "come on, you can ride Eagle."

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Sparkling said...

Surprise horses are the best!! They must have loved it.

We had surprise horses once. All of a sudden, a horse trailer pulled into our campground and I was so excited, I ran to tell my mother. She was boiling eggs and totally forgot because she too was excited and totally destroyed the eggs and the pan! I thought those horses were coming to stay with us and I just about died with happiness. Until I found out they just wanted a place to put the trailer while they rode...

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