Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I can see everything!

Quality parenting warning!  Bee had been telling us for months that her eyes were blurry.  The school health coordinator finally suggested I take her to the eye Dr.  Frankly, we've been paying for her to have vision insurance for her whole life, it's about time we used it.   Turns out she really needed glasses!  The eye Dr kept saying, "She really hasn't had any problems in school?"  "I can't believe this hadn't become an issue for her."  Oops.

The glasses are in and she's cute in them and can see.  She kept saying, "I can see everything!"  We went right to my classroom to work (snow day! and it happens to be blocks from the eye Dr.) and she was quizzing herself reading things all around my classroom.


Sparkling said...

Great news that she can see everything now! I clearly need glasses because I somehow read that the eye doctor's name is Dr. Frankly and I was rolling on the floor. Maybe I should slow down when I read....

Tami said...

My son needed glasses around the same age as your daughter. He said almost the exact words about seeing things clearly. He was so excited! He is older now and wears contacts.

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