Saturday, May 9, 2015

new shoe thing

Our shoes have a new home thanks to my dad.  He built us this really great shoe shelf after a phone conversation where I described what we needed.   We were having a shoe crisis because we have no real landing spot in our front room. Shoes were everywhere. We have an older home and apparently in the 60s you just walked right in and wore your shoes in the house.

I love how it looks in the entry way/living room. Most of our rooms are combo like that. 

We totally love it.  It fits in great with the living room and makes for a nice shelf for catching items as we enter the house.   It holds a million pairs of shoes.  

I just noticed you can see my 'new' cabinet.  It's new to the blog, but I've had it since November.  An antique style shop in the next town over closed down and was selling display pieces.  I snatched this guy up.  Hubby was less than pleased with my purchase.  I think it's grown on him.  

It had doors on the top with it but they didn't fit well.  We ended up using one of them to make a photo holder.  Our poor kitchen table is now smooshed in there, but I insisted on putting the new cabinet in the dining room/kitchen.  

There are 10 days left of school.  10 days!  I only have to make it 10 more days!

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