Monday, January 9, 2017

cursive rubric

As I focus this year on streamlining things at school, making things more efficient and increasing productivity- both mine and the kids, I knew I needed to do something about grading penmanship.  It's the bane of my existence.  

It's my first big time saver of the semester!  I made a rubric for grading cursive penmanship. Previously I either did a good, detailed (i.e. time consuming) job of grading it or I did a fast job with no feedback. I think this blends the two. Hopefully this helps me be consistent, specific and efficient. I've graded two weeks of penmanship with it so far, and after a few tweaks- I'm loving it! 

Want a copy?  Click Here

I assume no one wants this exact one... who else has this crazy grading scale?  Geesh!  Here's an editable on... save a copy to your drive and then edit away!    editable copy- Click here

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