Friday, June 23, 2017

So, I have a TPT store

If you're in the world of education at all, you know, love, and couldn't live without Teachers Pay Teachers.  I tell stories to the young teachers at school about what teaching was like before the internet made anything assessable.  They just don't understand.  It's an amazing time to be a teacher! 

It's going to be slow going for me to get things made and loaded, but I wanted to put it out there.  I named it after this blog From the Hive.  Gotta keep it simple, right. The shop is a work in progress- looks like they want a quote from me.  Yikes.  

I have two free resources up and ready to go.  Both go with our new science curriculum, Foss.  We've used Foss for years but these next generation investigations are new!  I'm teaching Motion and Matter this year and as I've gone through the kit in detail already- I love it! It meets our third grade Indiana standards really nicely and it completely hands on.   

Here they are if you're interested:
Motion and Matter Foss Investigation Quiz #1
Motion and Matter Foss Investigation Quiz #2
Motion and Matter Foss investigation Quiz #3

number 4 will not happen, I won't be teaching that investigation- doesn't meet our Indiana standards.  

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