Wednesday, April 25, 2018

catching up- thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is brought to you in picture and caption form only.  Cause basically it's April.  

It was time for family games again.  

My brother took the kids for motorcycle rides on my dad's bike.  The Bible says we can't live in fear, right?  This mama was watching closely though!

Nephew love.  Oh my, I could eat this little dude up with a spoon. 

My dad won chess against Lou, but was impressed with some of Lou's new strategies he's picked up at chess club.  

Hubby and I had to hand off the trophy to my sister and her hubby.  

We went to an escape room, which is like my favorite thing to do ever.  We were so close.  I blame a slight error in the room!

Meeting my littlest sister's new guy was a highlight.  I pretty much interviewed him the first chance I got!  Don't tell him, but we like him tons.  We'll keep him!  It's good for him to sweat a little though. 

We went to see my grandma. 

Puzzles, dinner, good company, a sweet toddler- a wonderful time was had. 

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