Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas part 2

 It's Christmas part 2- Celebrating with my mom and siblings. 

Here we are with our 'teacher faces.'   Lou is a much angrier teacher than Bee.

We're a kooky bunch.  We ended up with more 'silly' pictures than regular.

Here's my brother and his wife, my sister, mom, me, Hubby, and the kids in front.

My mom had the coolest gingerbread house made out of grahamcrackers and icing.

The kids were able to sneak inside.  They just barely fit.

So after a day or two we sent my sister off to the Bahamas.  And then were joined by my other sister. 

Most of us went to The American Girl store.  I had planned to have Bee's bitty-baby's head repainted but it was over my $20 price limit.  Pretty much way over the limit.  My youngest sister (middle) brought her boyfriend.  It was a first appearance for him.  

Bee and I spotted some trees that had been crochet bombed. Pretty sure we may do it to our trees.

There was a bit of goofiness, including Bee playing chess with a metal goose.

Lots of games.

Lots of hallway hockey.

And swimming- that's Grandma going down the waterslide at the Rec center.

My vacation bound sister introduced me to Aviary, a photo editing app.  It pretty much had me busy the whole drive home.  Indulge me while I share some of those photos. It's easier than Photoshop, which I'm still using at only a basic level.


Hopefully not all my photos will be weirdly foggy and rose colored from now on, but I can't promise anything.    Most of these pictures were taken at my mom's retirement community.  She's a manager and lives on site and when we visit, we stay there and own it like it's our own place.

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Sparkling said...

Those first pictures- are they in a house? It looks like an enormous room. Then you have the water slide, so I'm thinking it must be a hotel? But you all look way too comfortable for it to be a hotel.....

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