Monday, December 30, 2013

new quilt

I don't have a lot of time for quilting right now, but I've had this idea for a quilt combining traditional and modern fabrics. 

I bought a pack of fat quarters at a yard sale about 2 years ago and they've been sitting on my self the whole time.  They were traditional florals and birds.

I've also been thinking about something with chevrons.  

Right before Christmas break we had  3 snow days and a snow weekend and the quilt was born.   I started with the fat quarters and grabbed stuff I had on hand off my shelves and got started.  I quickly realized that I'd need to get to the fabric store and buy more fabric.  I ended up with more fabrics than I wanted to work with, but I had to.

I haven't gotten to the fabrics that I think are going to be the nicest looking together, but I have several blocks done.

I think I'll have to stop at 4 blocks x 4 blocks. It won't be big enough for a bed, but will get plenty of cuddles on the couch.  I've got them all pinned on the sewing room wall just so I feel like I'm making progress.

Here's the quick directions for making these blocks. These triangles are super versatile and can be made into dozens of patterns.  

1.  I cut my fabric in 6 inch squares but you could do any size
2.  Put right sides together.  Sew around the edge a quarter inch in

3.  Cut the square from one corner to the opposite corner

4.  Then slice the opposite corners.

Now you have 4 triangles.

5.  Cut all the squares you need.  My blocks needed 4 of those 6 inch squares, which resulted in 16 triangles. (4 squares x cut in 4 triangles= 16)

6.  Iron open

7. Get all of them ironed and ready

8.  Arrange.  Pin in rows.

9.  Sew in rows.  Iron

10.  Sew the rows together.  Iron

I started to get a little nervous at first because it looked like the edges were going to out of whack.

But when you sew them in place, it all works out.

There are so many options for the triangles. 

I originally thought I'd go with a chevron, but it looked way to modern for some of he fabrics.  I also had a limited amount of each fabric so full stripes were out.

I messed around with several patterns. 

 Anyway, I'm going with this alternating chevron in pattern. 

The snow is gone.  I've got two days left of Christmas vacation so I'm going to sew as fast as I can and save the rest for Spring break. 

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JoAnna said...

LOVE the color combinations! You must have an eye for that. I love the final result but never figure out how to get there! My favorites are the squares with the reddish colors.

I got all excited to make a quilt for CHristmas and the whole time, I kept wondering why I don't make time to do it more often. I had some serious issues while making it that reminded me that I get aggravated when finalizing a quilt so that might be the reason....