Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 part 1

Pictures for the grandparents.  Mostly.  I have started a new quilt and have pictures that may sit in the camera for awhile, but in the meanwhile, here are my lovies.

Christmas program at school-  I've never seen such a good Christmas program put on by an elementary program.  Seriously top notch.  This year, being involved from the other side, I do understand why.  We started in October and practiced a LOT. Like, one week I didn't teach reading because we practiced so much.  Shhh.

Hannah was in a dance group and danced with a few buddies from her class and my class.  I was their chorographer, but that term should be used lightly.  Mostly, I watched the DVD that came for me and we copied most of what they did.

Lou was in the choir.  It had a spy theme and they wore black glasses for some parts.  Finding black sunglasses in the winter was tricky but daddy pulled through for us with a stop at Goodwill.

Here's Bee's dance group.

Christmas Eve:   On our way to church-

Dear Hubby listed taking the official Christmas family picture as one of his least favorite parts of Christmas. Boo.  In retrospect, we should stand beside the tree and not in front.  You can't see the tree, but can see the TV. 

Hubby did agree to help me photograph the dog, so my photo session must not have been as bad this year.

We let the kids open their gifts to each other on Christmas Eve.  They usually make each other something. 

Something very special. This year was homemade ornaments and paintings.

Hubby's parents brought a few gifts... or more than a few.

Christmas gets stretched out for us over several days and we sort of like it like that.

Lou got the long-awaited ripstick.  It's going to take some patience to learn!   And kneepads.



 Next, we're off to Christmas dinner at a friends house (after lazing around all morning!) and then to my moms house for another round of fun and gifts.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

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