Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to Valentine's Day

It's a snow day here, so I have a few extra minutes (while taking a break from sledding and sewing costumes) to post about Valentine's Day in my classroom. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to use it for Valentines for the kiddos to give to their parents.  Early in the week, I photographed them in from of this paper and printed out 2 for each student. 

At the party, one station was to come work with me and personalize them. 

They just used sharpie and wrote directly on the blank space.   I had them put the cards in envelopes.  This may be my favorite:

I know her parents are lovely, kind people, so no worries there.

One station was decorating and eating cookies.

Another was a game, which I'm not really sure what it was.  One of the moms planned it and I was at my table and didn't get to go investigate.

One station was passing out the valentines.  The kids decorated their boxes at home and we had a little friendly competition that morning.  Here's one of my favorites!  The opening was his mouth and the kids all thought it was funny to leave their valentines half hanging out.

Another station made this great craft.  The kids pressed little pins into foam board and then added string to make pretty string art.  The mom who organized this craft had drawn the heart shape on lightly with pencil.

Bee's class made these adorable coasters as their craft and gift to parents.

Who knew that Valentines was such a give-your-teacher-candy holiday, but I sure got spoiled.  Here's my haul.  Seriously.  The flowers are from hubby for my birthday.

Here are a few fun valentines the kids and I brought home from their friends.


I'll be buying bigger pants!

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Sparkling said...

"I love you because you are nice most of the time" might be my favorite quote ever.

Will you have to make up all your snow days? I thought we'd get one Monday and was disappointed when we didn't ('tis easier to get up on a June morning than in winter) but really, one less day in June is better!

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