Monday, March 3, 2014

up to my eyeballs


My sewing room it looking slightly like a sweat shop.  There's a bunch of sewing of costumes going on right now.  A whole bunch.  My mom was in town last weekend and I put her to work too. 

Here are Bee' sketches.  We're making costumes for Peter Pan, the musical.  Our school is putting it on.  Lou and Bee are too young to be in it, but they've been working costumes with me.  I've really put them to work, especially on costume fitting days.

I have pages and pages of notes and fabric everywhere.  There are 62 costumes for this musical!  Several we were able to find at the thrift store (like the John Darling's jammie shirt below) and a few others came from local churches costume closets. Tinker bell and the Indian Chief had their own costumes.   I'm sewing outfits at least for the fairies, mermaids, Indians.  We're piecing things for the pirates from what we already have, have purchased, and what I've made or reworked.  It's an elaborate mess of costumes.

Thanks to a snow day and two really productive sewing weekends, I think we're going to make it.  It wasn't looking so good there for a while!  Really wasn't looking possible.

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