Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boy birthday gift

We've been invited to a boy 'military' themed party.  Lou is a thoughtful gift giver and always knows just want to give his buddies.  He suggested we find some dog tags and make him a shirt.  I couldn't find a '90s style army shirt, which is what I wanted, so I made one. I don't know what the real name for this style of shirt is, I'm sure there's a name. I used a cheap target shirt and cut heat transfer letters with the silhouette.  When Lou saw the shirt, he was a little disappointed.  He thought the army shirt would involve a bomb picture.

The dog tags were ordered from a great shop on Etsy, Way To Cool.  The guy has a vintage WWII dog tag machine and types these out at home.  I emailed him and he was able to get it done for me ASAP and I had it three days later. They are a steal too! (Shhh.... I would have paid double for sure!)  They are flipped upside down in this picture, but the quality is great.  Lou wants a set and I'll be sure to get them for his birthday.  I'm pretty excited to see the birthday boy open his gifts!

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