Saturday, May 31, 2014

wrapping things up

 The school year is all wrapped up now.  Geesh- it was one of those times where the days were long but the year was short. 

Bee wrapped up her soccer season.  Her team won one game, and it happened to be in the championship.   They finished up 5th out of 6 teams. 

Spring musical...  One of the many, many events they squeeze in the last few moments of school.  I couldn't really see Bee from my teacher seat, but I was right in front of Lou. 

Field day... Both kids got to enjoy field day.  Lou's team was called "Veal Victory."   Here are the four boys in his class.  Yep, only four boys!   Poor Bee's team is not pictured.  They were "Hamm's Heroes."  Her team beat my class by one point.

Here's my team.  We were "Moore's Mighty Monsters."

And the awards program... Here's Lou getting one of his awards.  A friend sent it to me, I didn't get any pictures of my own of him. I didn't get any decent pictures of Bee.  They both got awards for highest honor roll and physical fitness.  Being a teacher at their school is great because I get to go to all the programs, but I rarely can get my camera up where I need it. 

Lou's baseball season wrapped up too.  Actually the last day of school was the last game.  We also hosted the end of the season celebration at our house after the game... It made for a super long day. 

Here's Bee enjoying the final game.  Really, she spent most of her time hanging out with the little siblings of a few player friends and getting in some babysitting practice. 

Speaking of last day of school...

I didn't get the 'going off to last day of school' pictures, but these photos were taken on the last day.
First day, last day... 1st grade.
                                                           First day, last day... third grade. 

Hello Summer!  All I can say is- I need it!

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