Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the tooth that woudn't leave

How about a whole bunch of pictures of Lou's crazy stubborn tooth and sort of up the nose pictures?  You got it!  There's a happy ending though.  Lou finally lost his first tooth! 

He's 6 and in first grade and was the only one who hadn't lost a tooth.  Geesh. 

He was so freaked out about the actual loosing of the tooth, that he let it go.  He left a dangly tooth just hanging on.  Just look at that craziness. 

He even got help from Bee, but couldn't get it out.

So seriously, like three weeks later, it finally popped out while he was eating in a very uneventful manner.  There wasn't even any blood since it was all healed up underneath from its extended time just hanging out.   He didn't loose it at school, which had been his plan, but Bee shared a plastic treasure box from her many at school losses.  He asked me to put it on facebook, which I did, but then was mad that everyone already knew his big news.   So help me out- if you see him, pretend you don't know.

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