Friday, July 10, 2015

technology conference fun

I had the pleasure of attending a three day workshop with 900 of my local (and some not so local) colleges. Several of us from my school attended eRevolution, a technology workshop featuring some of the newest education tech resources and educational implementations.   This photo was at the closing of day three- several had to take off early and missed the photo proof of their attendance. 

My sweet friend Nicci and I presented a three hour workshop on differentiation instruction.  When she called me months ago and asked if I wanted to join her, I thought I might throw up- but said yes before I could change my mind!   I'm so glad it I did.  It was an excellent opportunity to collaborate and share something that I love talking about anyway. 

We presented on the first day and then were free to take in all the other workshops. Each time slot offered 25 or so to choose from.  So much experience and knowledge in one place all from educators wanting to share with their peers.  What a great opportunity!  I got so many new ideas for using technology in my classroom, pieces I can use to organize as a teacher, and just plain old motivation, refreshment, and validation as an educator.  

The library was set up as a technology creative laboratory.  Here, a boy on the host school's robotics team showed a banana piano!   Below, the robotics team was showing off these remote control spheres.  They built a maze to try to navigate the sphere through.  The gym was set up as a maker space with materials for open ended creative projects.   

I have lots of new apps to play with and lots to share.  I'm going to try to do two weeks of posts featuring some of the new material I learned.  I'd also like to write about my presentation, but three hours in one posts is going to be a time commitment to put together... We'll see if I an get it together. 

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