Saturday, February 18, 2017


I'm going through old posts and look, here's a precious one that never got finished.  

My sweet baby nephew... eat him up... oh my word...

This is from before Christmas... He's a big old 6 month old now.  

My mom and her hubby drove in from Kansas (to northernish Indiana) and I drove up a few hours (from southern Indiana) to be there for nephew's baptism. 

Look at these two stylish kids.  

Here's the sweet family. Happy baptism day!  This is the beautiful church where they were married.  

This is the baptism gown that Bee wore, I wore, and my sister wore.  There were several family gowns between my sister and her hubby to choose from, but nephew is the first of hopefully many babies, so there'll be others to wear the other gowns.  

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