Friday, February 17, 2017

daddy daughter and a sleepy mama

Bee and sweet hubby went to the daddy daughter dance again.  First, they went to Five Guys for dinner.  Bee chose it, but I think she chose for daddy.  They decided to go to dinner before getting dressed.  Good call.  

There was hair and makeup and a last minute new necklace, and an even more last minute slip constructed out of scrap fabric. Lou had to point out that her dress was sheer.  All to go with the new dress and shoes.   More about Bee's necklace here. 

Last year Lou and I went out too, but I am pretty under the weather this year and we decided that ordering pizza and a movie on iTunes might be a good choice.  I might be dozing in and out... I can't follow the Trolls movie, so I must have missed bits and pieces.  

Daddy sent her flowers at school- he's a sweet guy!

The movie is over and Lou is stalling bedtime.  Oh, these two are going to dance the night away.  Lou is going to watch as much TV as I'll let him and I'm going to nap on the couch.  

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