Sunday, July 23, 2017

Meet the guinea pigs

Bee turned 12!  All she wanted for her birthday was guinea pigs!  And a phone.  But mostly pigs.  

She was dreaming about guinea pigs, reading books about them, even crafting guinea pigs. 

I mentioned on facebook that we were considering getting guinea pigs and many friends chimed in that they make great pets for kids.  A former student's family offered their girls up to us.  Maybe that should have been a red flag?

Meet Heidi. 

Meet Pepper (Jack)

The girls are much loved already. 

 The cats seem ok with them. After an initial meeting, Ellis doesn't seem to care at all. 

Chloe likes to watch them in interest.  I'm sure she is thinking kind thoughts about them while they are eating their breakfast.  She doesn't generally have much interest either. 

Tippy has a weird relationship with them.  He loves them.  He guards them and watches them.  He cries when they chirp and make their sweet little noises.  He comes and gets us when they sing for their breakfast. One of the pigs sometimes runs around her cage when Bee is trying to gather her up and she makes some noise; Tippy seems alarmed for the pig's safety. 

Even daddy seems to like them.  Actually, he especially like them!

These girls are a bonded pair and have been together since last summer. Peppers's mate passed away last spring and she was rally depressed.  Our friends got Heidi as a baby to be her new buddy.  They girls are besties for sure. 

Here's Tippy giving them kisses- he always greets them when they're out.  He's a weirdo.  (no sound needed- it's just my silly voice)

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