Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Christmas- clearly out of order

I was strolling through my blog drafts and found this.  Clearly out of order.  Here's Christmas.  It's July.  

Forgot that this was back in the days of crutches.   Don't miss those days a bit!

This was our first Christmas in our new home.  

I found these adorable ornaments for the kids this year.  The boy has a broken leg and the girl has a broken arm.  Some day we'll laugh about it, right?

My mom and her hubby helped us explore the woods by our house. 

We went to one of my favorite places- the escape room!  I took a strong team of good problem solvers and we made it out! 

Seriously, the most fun ever!

My Dad gave the kids each a special knife at Thanksgiving.  This one came out when it was time to open boxes.  I got a little sentimental as this was my grandpa's knife.  He always carried it with him and it always came out when we needed it.  It's been a few years since I'd seen it, but it brought back happy memories of my grandpa. 

We got to spend time this Christmas with this cute boy.  

We spent a bit of Christmas break hanging out at the card shop.  

and making cookies. 

And enjoying some new goodies. 

We called this the Addison Russel Christmas.  Lou got several Addison Russel and Cubs things.  That's his favorite player.  I follow him on Instagram and I feel like we are friends now. Hey Addison!

We played Watch Ya' Mouth.  

We played some Pie Face.  Who didn't play Pie Face this Christmas?

I was thrilled to get to host Christmas this year.  These are some of my favorite people and our homes are super spread out now- our moments all together are rare.  

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