Friday, June 15, 2018

Another novel study- The Hundred Dresses

I didn't know this until I started selling on TPT, but when you put a product out there that you've been working on... like really working on, it's a little like putting your kid on the school bus for the first time.  

I was that mom that followed the bus the first day- just in case there was an accident.  Just saying.   Bee went to the zoo, accident-free. 

I've got my next Novel Study ready to go!  It's another unit that I've used parts of in class with my third graders for a few years, but all cleaned up in a tidy package ready to go- and ready to share with others.  Putting my kid on the bus here.

The Hundred Dresses is a classic story- it's sweet and fun with a strong message about bullying and teasing.  Despite the title and the fact that the three leads are girls, it's not a girly story.  I've always found that boys really hang on the bullying and teasing theme in the story and are happy to read past the reason that the girls tease poor Wanda.  

So, this novel study, like my Charlotte's Web Novel Study, guides you and your students through the reading of the story.  It has lesson plans for two weeks, and guided pages to work through the story elements. 

  • Characters: Listing Character Traits, Mind Map, Prompted Journal Entries, Guided Reading Response
  • Plot: Storyboard Illustrations, Note Taking Sheets, Chapter Questions (2-3 questions per chapter), 
  • Condensed Chapter Questions (2-3 questions per 2 chapters)
  • Word Choice: Vocabulary, Word Maps
  • Setting: Setting Sketch, Setting Map 
  • Mentor Sentences: One per week
  • Weekly Assessments and Cumulative Activities: Weekly Vocabulary Assessments, Weekly Written Response Assessment, Differentiated Choice Project

                                           Find it here in my TPT store, From The Hive

I like to compile the pages I want to use (there's more in my units than I can use in the allotted time- but more is better right!) number them and assemble them in pronged folders.  That way nothing falls out and the kids can find the right page when needed.  I love working through a novel with my kiddos!

I also have a freebie sample piece, a Differentiated Cumulative Project.  There are six choices for the final project sure to engage even the most reluctant learner. 

Also exciting for my shop, it's on Instagram now! 

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