Sunday, March 17, 2013

dog people

Things are getting friendlier at our house. 

The dog and the cats are pretty civil with each other now.

 He's not getting any tidier with his eating though.

This silly dog has turned us all into dog people.  sheesh. 

 Look at how cute this little guy is. He likes to sleep with a pillow.
And looks how he gives hugs.  Head down, rear up. 

It was raining today, so we made him a jacket.  I think it looks like a hunting jacket.  I'm not sure hubby is a fan of the coat, but Tippy doesn't seem to mind it at all. 

He's so good on a leash.  Even little Bee can handle him on a walk.

Bee had a sick day last week and she and I watched several episodes of Dog Whisperer.  We're pretty much experts now. 


Sandy said...

So glad you are becoming dog people!

Educator Eats said...

Love your doggie!!!
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Educator Eats

Muhammad Amir said...

And looks how he gives hugs. Head down, rear up.

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