Thursday, August 15, 2013

crafty ladies

A few of my favorite ladies got together at church for a 'bring your own project' night.  Serious amounts of crafting fun!  It was like pinterst exploded in the gym church. It was great!

I lugged my silhouette and iron and heat transfer vinyl in and set up shop.
I made shirts for the kid's teachers... and one for me.

I love how these shirts turned out!  I love the colors and how fun they are.

At home, I added a little something to an old hoodie too.  I can wear school related shirts and jeans on Fridays so I have altered a few items to work for Fridays. I feel funny wearing jeans to work, but I'll try to get over it. 

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Sparkling said...

I love wearing jeans on Fridays and I do it like it's my job. Every. Single. Friday.

I love the bring your craft night idea. LOVE IT!!

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