Monday, August 12, 2013

a peak in the classroom

I brought my family in as free labor a week ago. I put my teacher siblings to work and they took care of a huge amount of work.  It was a great and super productive afternoon. 

Here's just a peak. 

My classroom is used on Sundays for Sunday school and afterschool for after school care and in the summer for summer camp and on Wednesdays for boyscouts or something.  I have a lot of restrictions of what I do in the room but I was able to work within the restrictions and came up with something I'm pretty happy with. A lot of things have to be able to get packed away on Fridays and quickly set back up on Monday. 

We use 'calendar math' so this board changes each month with the focus skills for the month. 

My library has to be able to fold up and get pushed against the wall.  I have books that won't fit but I'll have to rotate them all through during the year.  See that blue book holder on the top left shelf?  I found that in the dumpster. 

Ok, I'm back to work.  I have a few more hours before the kids and parents come in!

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Sparkling said...

So, has school actually started for you? Which grade? It looks older than preschool and I think you said you had moved up a few grades.

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