Monday, August 19, 2013

a few other school items

Here are a few other school related pictures.  Just cleaning out some picture files while I have a minute.  I mentioned the other day that I share my classroom with just about every community group possible so I have a lot of restrictions.  One side is pretty plain.  I actually had to move those black science boxes since this picture because... well, I was told to. 

I can decorate the back wall.  On Sundays, the desk and all my stuff gets pushed against this wall.  The library folds up and the stuff on top of it gets moved.  It's a lesson in flexibility.  I learned today, our first Monday back, that I'm going to have to allow extra time on Monday morning for setting back up.  It was a bit chaotic this morning. 

 I have cute little  kites that will go on the AR kite wall. 

This is the front of the room (and Lou).  I can leave up the two big yellow bulletin boards, but everything else has to get put away in a closet or shoved against the wall.  I've already abandoned the clip chart for class dojo.  I'll talk about that another day.

Here's the back wall.  The calendar stuff stays up, but everything else has to go on the weekend.  The chair was a garage sale find and has replaced the need for taking the rocker into school.  I had to rub the wood down with coconut oil and remake the cloth parts, but it was an easy fix for a $2 chair.   We use calendar math and it changes each month what items are on the board.  Some items are staples, but most change out.

My sister picked these book boxes up for me at IKEA.  The kiddos decorated them and they are storing their books for daily five and AR time.  The back to school pennants were a fun little sheet from TPT.  Now the clips are holding unfinished kid work.

I wrote on facebook last week that the thing that's changed the most in the 6 ish years that I've been out of the elementary classroom is technology.  Here's my desk.  I'm running the document camera through my desktop to show on the projector.  I've got my ipad running class dojo and I was using my phone moments before this to enter lunch count and email back a parent.  I don't even have a smart board yet, one thing at a time.

I made up this 'show what you know' board this summer.  I intend to have the kids write a short answer on a post-it-note and use this as an 'exit ticket'. I have had it in my plan to use for two days now though and didn't get to it. 

 This was a first day of school gift from one of my students.  It was full of markers and pens, etc.  Cute idea!

Bee's teacher gave the kids these bags with this poem...

filled with these items.  Cute.

Our new to this year checklist system is in place for the mornings.  Bee and I leave the house at 6:45am,  so our morning has to be pretty smooth.  We wake Lou up a few minutes before and daddy gets him to school at 7:30.  The boys are using this to make sure nothing gets forgotten too

I like not having to nag.

It took till the third day of school for me to get my act together and get a little something for my teammates.  I had planned to do this and then it turned out we only had slightly mushy apples until the third day of school.  That was just my first sign that working full time was going to be an adjustment. 

Back to my sweet little 3rd graders.  One of the girls asked me if she could keep a bible at her desk.  They don't really fit in there well and I keep them on a shelf, but she insisted and here she is reading away.  Also, one day I had on some soft music and they were working and just singing along.  They know all the words to the songs on our Christian station.  Gonna love this class!

I already miss my old preschool crew, but  love my new co workers!

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Sparkling said...

Congrats on flowing with all of the changes. That flexibility thing would push me over the edge and the Monday morning room reset would put me in the looney bin! It sounds like you are going to have lots of fun!

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