Wednesday, August 7, 2013

remember me

Remember this chair?  It was a rescued cast off from a friend of a friend.

Well, it's been three years.  It's been on the summer 'to-do' list for three years.  Like painting the kitchen cabinets and fixing all the trim in the house and painting the whole house.  It hasn't gotten done, until now. 

It's not perfect.  You can see traces of pink, especially on the caned seat. You know when people say something involved 'blood, sweat and tears?'  Well, minus the tears, this was one of those.  I worked on it out in the sun while the kids swam and did almost slice off my finger with the scraper... blood and sweat.

The front has some weathered damage and the stain didn't take as well, but the back look great.  I had planned on taking it in to school, but we're loving it in the living room.  It might just stay at home.

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JoAnna said...

HOw did you get the pink off the caning?