Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween and such

We did the whole Halloween thing this week.  I say week, because the festivities really do last a whole week, with all the fun places you can wear your costume.  I really like Halloween, not the spooky stuff, but I'm all about an excuse for us to costume up!  Here, the kids are with some friends at a hockey game.  

We ended up getting free tickets.  We were walking downtown to go to the game when we spotted a group of people and a radio station van.  I said we should cut through that way just to see what's going on.  It turns out it was radio station hosting a 'zomie walk.'  Everyone was dressed as zombies and they were going to walk a few blocks in costume to earn some prize. As we were walking by, a zombie asked if we were headed to the hockey game and if we had tickets yet.  She gave us all tickets!  We met up with some friends there and it was a fun time.

I had intended to make a Ms. Frizzle costume, but ended up with an easier and faster, Pipi Longstockings.

The kids wore their Indian costumes from this summer.  (Lou and Bee)

Except we had to layer layer layer up!    Lou started out very shy with the actual candy gathering, but once he got in the grove, he was leading the pack.  I think he did not want to stop for a photo here.  

We also went to a fun event out church hosts each year.  We went in costume and saw several of my students.  They didn't know my costume, but their parents did.  One little friend guessed I was a baby.  

Bee cried at dinner two more nights.  She asked one night why I would 'mess with' our food like that.  I think she felt tricked (although she wasn't actually tricked) or like I was trying to fool her.

She picked the almond slice 'finger nail' off of the witches finger and threw it on someone else's plate. When I said the stew was bat eye stew (recipe here), she lost it.  It did make for a nice warm (and hearty) meal in our bellies before going out to gather candy.

The  mummy hotdogs and deviled egg eye balls fared no better for her. 

Pumpkin pie seemed ok though for her!  It's my first pumpkin pie.  I don't like pumpkin flavored anything, so I never bother.  This was made from scratch with real pumpkin from the patch, and with the right amount of whipped cream, was pretty tasty.  I watched a video on youtube to learn how to make it.  I don't know how Ma Ingals went without the internet!

We gathered several pumpkins this year from our various field trips to orchards and pumpkin patches.  Both kiddos were hesitant to touch the guts again, but we managed to get some pumpkins carved. 

Or poked, as in Bee's case.

This picture was from last Sunday.  Poor hubby has been the photographer this month I guess.  

I did take some pictures of a friend's family after church.  When she asked me if I would do it.  I said, "You know I don't do that, right?"  She said, "You've got a nice camera right?"  So we took pictures.  I took 150 and got 20 we could work with.  I believe the method is called 'spraying and praying.'   I didn't ask permission to post their picture, but I'm doing it anyway.  Aren't they are beautiful family.  They are so sweet to and those kiddos are just darling!

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