Saturday, August 23, 2014

we are surviving!

 We've had two full weeks of school and we are surviving!  This time last year is was evident we were barely treading water.  I was barely treading water.  I think all the ground work I did last year with my lesson plans and such is making this year an easier start.  Hopefully that only continues!
We've got a second grader and third grader and fourth grader this year. 

Hubby's parents came down this year and stayed with the kids so I could do all the back-to-school meeting and work time without stressing about getting home as soon as possible.  Last year the kids went to summer day camp that last week of summer and wanted picked up as soon as I could get free each afternoon. It was not the best way to do that.

Our third grade team has a new addition and Bee's teacher from last year went off to have a baby.

My class is really good too!  There is less testosterone than I had last year, three fewer bodies and a nice balance of academic needs.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the first two weeks feel in the classroom can carry on awhile longer.

One of my sweet students showed up with these shoes the first day!

My youngest sister sent the kids a piñata in the mail so we could start our school year with a 'bang.'  She filled it with good candy too!  It came just like that... with the mail stickers right on the piñata.

Look at these two sweet girls I get to enjoy this year! Here we are at the first chapel of the school year.

The homework has started... Bee has a good amount of fourth grade homework!  Here, grandma was helping Bee with homework, I was grading papers and Lou was to be working on a handwriting paper.  As you can see, it was the world's hardest handwriting page.  He'd do a word, cry that it was hard and lay down.  It took him about 8 times as long as it should of... then we saw it had a backside!

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