Sunday, August 10, 2014

classroom sneak peek

My third grade students walk in the room Monday morning (tomorrow!).  After I go back his afternoon and reset everything, it will be ready for them!  I have to tear down a good deal on Friday afternoons and reset either Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning.  Little kid Sunday school meets in there on Sunday mornings.  I also have a group that meets in there on Wednesday, but they are older, like divorce recovery or Boy Scouts or something.  Add that to afterschool care, which meets in there after school everyday until about 6:00pm and this poor room is busy busy.  Those groups pose a lot of restrictions on my room set up and decorations, but I think I learned last year and was able to work my restrictions this year.  It's honestly freeing almost that when I walk out the door to take my kids to their parents at 3:00, the room is ready for the next group at 3:01 and I can't do some of the cute things I see on Pinterst as far as room set up goes.    Plus ,our Fire Marshal is a stickler.  I have anther name I call him, but I'll just say stickler.   (last year pictures)
This is the back of the room.  It's the library and calendar area. Everything along the back wall has to get turned around or moved on Friday.  A lot of things get pushed against the wall with the windows, which is where they shove all the student desks too.  The bulletin boards can stay up of course. 
The AR % tracking display is being reused from last year.  I did it in vinyl so I could leave it up, otherwise everything comes down and is packed away over the summer.   The school gives me three laptops and then I've acquired two other old ones from family members, so I have  5 going.  We have a mobile lab that the third grade shares, but it's nice to have several I don't have to worry about reserving to use each morning or for centers.   The blank wall space will be used for displaying anchor carts.
I'm going to try to be better about using the student jobs.  It's easier for me to just ask students who are done with their work to do all the jobs. 
This birthday display is new this year and hopefully, if no one picks at it, should last a few years.  I cut the pieces out on my silhouette in sticky vinyl.  It was a shape I had to create through the tracing feature. 
This is the view from the back.  It turned out a little blurry, I'll have to re-take this picture. I have a table in the front that I use for my small groups and also do a good bit of teaching from.  Others in my hall don't have a table up front and I don't know how they do it.
I redid my two front bulletin boards.  This one will always display the sheets that go with our story of the week.  Last year, I hung them on a clothes line and no one could see them.  My team purchased these as part of a packet for each unit for our reading series from teachers pay teachers online.  It is a wonderful supplement to our curriculum. 
I reworked the CAFE board too.  I only want to have a few strategies up at a time.  My student and I did not reference them last year... at all and it was wasted space.  I have to have something CAFE up, so this may be a solution.  My third graders all read so well, some of the CAFE items are below what they need.  I'm excited about having the whole pad of chart paper up at once so it's ready when I need it. 
This is the room as you walk in.  The far wall with the windows is 'my space' where the other groups aren't supposed to touch, which means a lot of stuff is shoved against it.  Most of these pictures were taken on back to school night so the info folders are on their desks.  If they ordered a school supply kit they came in cardboard boxes, so that's what you see on those friends desks.  I love school supply shopping, so we'll never order a kit at our house!  

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