Saturday, August 2, 2014

and then summer was over- back to school gift for the teachers

It seriously seems like summer just started and here we are getting ready for back to school week.  What happened?  It totally freaks me out too when I think that I only really get few summers of the kids being little and being at home with me and now half of those are over for Bee.  She'll be all grown up with places to go so soon.   

Anyway, we threw a little something together for the teachers.  Let's call it preemptive. I didn't want to spend a bunch since I'd already spent... um... more than I intended for my own classroom, not to mention the long school supply the kids needed.  I also wanted something cute since once school starts,  all creative energy is blown on other areas.

 Sam's club had packs of 40 gel pens for $14! This let me give 10 to each teacher and keep a handful for myself too.  That worked out well... for me!  I just used some scrapbook paper, free form cut some different flower shapes and hole punched a few times in the middle to make the hold big enough for the tip of the pen to poke through.  We did a little folding and rolling of some petals to make them not just lay flat and gathered them in a little flower pot. 

At the last minute I remembered we still had a few of these adorable little labels left from like three years ago.  I've used them here and here.  They are from Skip to My Lou.   I think they turned out pretty cute and it's a item the teachers will like and be able to use. 

I'm back to school on Monday and the kids have a week before they come. That means, my fun, fun giveaway ends in two days!

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