Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas fun news

I'm at home with a sick kid and time to post!  Poor Bee was up in the night throwing up and not feels 'great' but we're camping on the couch just in case.  I's a Cake Boss marathon for us!
We had a fun and whirl wind kind of Christmas.  We had lots of guests- two legged and four.
I have bunches of pictures from that, but first- fun news.
My sister and her boyfriend came with some exciting news.   Did you see that?   Their sweet little puppy Penny had an announcement. 
Aren't they cute?  We like him a bunch and are glad we get to keep him.  Lou has decided he can go ahead and start adding uncle to his name. 
The girls wasted no time and went wedding dress shopping while we were all together.  That's our sister in law, mom, I'm with the camera and the bride.

She found the dress!  She said I could post the picture here since the Fianc√© never checks in here.    Gorgeous!  She tired on six or seven to get to this one, but knew it was the one as soon as she saw it.
She loved it and we loved it and she bought it! 

They have a date, she has a dress.  That's pretty much it, right?  She's a teacher too and this is going to be a summer wedding, so she's moving on all the details!
Our joke for awhile has been that Bee is running out of good flower girl years.  I think we're still alright on time.  Flower girl Bee has her dress too.  Shhhh- we've had it for months.  We'll be replacing the belt with something that matches the bridesmaids.
Oh, Poor Lou, all this wedding talk.  He has already asked if it's all we're going to talk about until the big day. 

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