Monday, January 5, 2015

wax museum

I must not have written about the wax museum last year.  Frankly, last year, I was lucky to be wearing clean clothes and have run a brush through my hair.  It was survival mode at least.  The new teacher on our third grade team is brand new this year and also a brand new mama.  Double wammie!  She confessed she's barely keeping her head above water too.  No doubt!


Anyway, our school does this awesome wax museum project.  It's during book week and there are events each day.  The wax museum is the big event hosted by Third and Fourth grade. Fourth grade is a historical character that they've researched through reading a biography.  Bee was Anne Frank. 

Here she is with some of her buddies Hellen Keller and Annie Oakly.   We don't do Halloween at our school, so this is our event to dress up.

Third grade dresses up as a character from a book and they report on the author they have studied.  Here is my costume winner, The lorax.

Third and Fourth grade dresses  up, creates an informational board, presents for the class and then works it at the wax museum, sharing their presentation many, many times.

First grade practices by dressing up as a bible character and sharing with their class a little about their person.  Second grade researches an animal, dresses up as that animal, and gives a one minute report to their class.  Lou was a tyrannosaurus rex and wouldn't be photographed.  He was a grumpy t-rex.

I try to dress up as a character too, but not many teachers do. I love an excuse to dress up a little. My Lorax and I found a cat and the hat at lunch. 

It's one of those projects that's tons of work or everyone, but super fun and everybody learns a lot.

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