Tuesday, January 6, 2015

favorite day and a new goal

It's really one of our favorite days of the year, the food drop at our church.  I've written about it before.  Our church takes a special Thanksgiving day offering and all that money (it's our biggest collection each year) goes to buying wholesale groceries.  They get delivered on semi trucks.  We all line up and fire brigade style pass them down the line to be sorted and stacked. 
We ended up in a little group of kids from our school, some of my students, former students, and my own kids all passing boxes down the line.  After it's all unloaded and sorted, you get into groups and assigned a location.  Each location is given an inventory and we send out our runners to gather the items on the order.  Bee got promoted to inventory collector which is a tricky job.  Lou got to man the stacking on the truck. You've got to be fast when you do that job.  We each worked to our strengths this year.  In the past, we've been runners and gotten the things from the sorted piles.
The food is shared with over 30 local food banks.  We have gone the same place the last three years.  When we get there, we unload the boxes and help them sort it onto their shelves. The people at the food bank usually talk about their programs and services. 

Bee and Lou always have an amazing time.  They work harder than they do at any other time of the year. I'm reminded that they need more volunteer opportunities.  Other than Bee helping in the church nursery with me we haven't been doing much since I went back to work full time.  It's hard to find places that let kids volunteer too.  My new goal is to make that happen for them. I've got a lead at a place in town and feel pretty good about it, Bee and Lou are excited too. 


Donna said...

What a wonderful experience for your kids to be involved in as they're helping others!

I found your site via a Pinterest search about penguins!

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